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The Pam Speedy Dance School was established in February, 1990.  Situated in the Chadstone area the studio has one of the finest reputations as a fun, friendly, relaxed environment to learn dance.

Studio owner and Principal Pam Speedy has enjoyed teaching all styles of dance for over 30 years.  Pam started dancing at the age of 6 where she studied Theatrical, Jazz, Tap and Ballet.  She now enjoys passing on her over - 40 years of experience to her students.   Pam has diplomas in Theatrical, Jazz and Tap with T.A.A.D. Dip Hons.


Annual Concert

In December the school holds an annual concert  to celebrate what the students have learned throughout the year.  This is their chance to showcase, as a school, their wonderful talents and an opportunity for friends and relatives to come along and support them.  The concert is performed at the Drum Theatre, Dandenong



Costumes are purchased ready made so there is no sewing required by parents.  The approximate cost per costume is between $60 to $70 

There are 3 costume money installments each at the beginning of Term 2 and 3 and a balance (if any) during Term 4, this is for trimmings eg. hats, gloves, belts, headpieces etc..



There is no set uniform at the Pam Speedy Dance School, but students need to be wearing appropriate dance attire and be well groomed for all classes.

Students must have correct shoes for each of their styles -

TAP:                            Tan Tap Shoes for girls - Black for boys  

JAZZ:                           Tan Ultra Flex Split Sole Jazz Shoes for girls - Black for boys

CONTEMPORARY:   Foot thongs  

HIP HOP:                    Runners


Second Hand Shoes

There are second hand shoes available to purchase at the school.   These are mainly shoes that have been grown out of, some only have been worn for a short time.   They are much cheaper than buying them brand new.



Fees are calculated by how many weeks there are in the term and are due by the end of the 2nd week of each term.    Payments can be made by Cheque or Direct Deposit.   Invoices are emailed to the parents on the last week of the previous term.  The school does follow school schedules.  No classes are held during the school holidays and public holidays except for CUP DAY as it is so close to our concert.



We do expect that all students attend classes regularly as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class.  Students can easily be embarrassed and quickly become distracted, so for this reason I ask all parents and siblings remain outside the hall during class times.  



Jazz and Tap examinations at held with the State Dance Association (SDA).  These are not compulsory but are highly encouraged to improve dance skills, strive for goals and help achieve them.  Exam classes are the best way for your child to gain a greater understanding of the fundamentals of dance.



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